You might remember that back in March when the archaeological exploration of St Peter’s South Aisle site was underway, the vaulted doorway leading into the church was opened up again. The doorway had been part of the hastily constructed support wall erected after the collapse of the bell tower in 1661 had threatened further collapse of the entire church.

This smaller entrance seems to have been sealed up at a later date and was easily removed to allow access from the church into the planned gardens and toilet facilities.

This newly liberated doorway was measured up for the construction of an oak door and door frame and then temporarily boarded up again.

Today, hammering and construction sounds were heard coming from over the garden walls in St Peter’s Churchyard and a quick investigation revealed that the new oak door and door frame were not only finished…

… but being installed….

… and Hey! Presto! …

… a new door opens out…

… into the newly laid out, landscaped, seeded, and planted-out South Aisle garden….

…. which is just coming into its own.

A nice end to a fascinating story.

Hopefully this will mean that access will soon be made possible again from the blue doors that open out into the Churchyard and the good people and visitors of Sandwich will again be able to enjoy the amenities of the garden and enter into the quiet of the church itself as well as going up into the tower to enjoy the view.

Right. Enough on St Peter’s for the time being. Time to start planning a blog on the just as old, if not older, church of St Mary’s on the other side of town by the Stour river…

… now St Mary’s Arts Centre and under the wing of the Church’s Conservation Trust as well.