Having left you last week with the report that things were taking shape in the South Aisle gardens a bit of an update this week would seem in order.

The newly seeded lawn has taken firm hold and taking on putting green lushness.

But don’t think about bringing your putting iron.

But the real excitement is happening at the top end…

… where the newly laid out raised bed is in the process of being planted out…

… with many of the original plants that were carefully lifted from the old garden and stored away before the archeological explorations began last winter. Its nice to have their greenery back.

Indeed the planting over the vault of Henry Pemble who was interred in 1855 and whose disintegrating tombstone states that he was “Formerly Principle of the Royal Naval School On Its First Institution and Many Years Rector of this Parish” is of special interest…

… in that at the end of the archaeological explorations in March, the scattered bones that had been carefully lifted and stored during the months of the dig were placed around the dome of his vault and re-interred with suitable ceremony…

… so Mr Pemble can preside over the bones safe keeping for eternity.

Here is a portrait of Henry Pemble from the Guildhall Archives who certainly looks a suitable guardian.

unknown artist; Reverend Henry Pemble; Sandwich Guildhall;

So the garden is nearing completion awaiting an arbor arch to be installed at the top of the steps for rambling roses…. and for the new lawn to be seeded.

There will be another report at some point in the future but as watching grass grow is a pretty time consuming pastime, it won’t be in the near future.