An adventurous group of members of The Sandwich Honfleur Twinning Association (SHTA) recently went on their semi annual jaunt to Honfleur for a weekend of feasting, fun and frolic with the express purpose to fully experience the pleasures of Normannic hospitality.

One of the many highlights of the trip was a trip to GIVERNY, the famous gardens created by Claude Monet and immortalized in his famous water lilly canvases. It didn’t disappoint.

The flower beds were at the height of their springtime glory awash with multicolored tulips and bedding plants… every look through the viewfinder seemed to become a Monet original.

The only thing to break the rapturous spell….

….was that other people’s viewfinders kept creeping in at the edges.

Oh well…. on to the immortal Water Lilly pond……

….which Monet had endless arguments with the mayor of Giverny who claimed it would become a haven for insects and rats.

Obviously the battle was gloriously won. But the infestations are more of the human kind….

…. all armed with cameras and I-phones.

What a click-off this was starting to become.

Everyone was at it….. juggling for the best position……

…. and close-up!

Moving on…. there was nothing for it but to concentrate on cropped views….

…. and extreme close-ups.

When suddenly…..

…. a shoot out!!!!! Members of the SHTA competition directly in our path!

Nothing for it but to return fire!

And move swiftly on……

….. snapping away as we progress over the japanese bridge….

through be bamboo grove.

And on our merry way home! Ok! OK! Another final few shots….

…… but best you go yourselves and make your own memories!