Saturday February 4th

The Digger’n’Scraper team are still hard at it on Saturday morning.

D&S 2 HR

As the go deeper they have to be even more careful to keep any eye out for anomolies and fragments with buckets and plastic bags deployed to separate out the interesting bits from just plain dirt.

D & S 3 HR

What gets put in the buckets is carefully washed. These are set aside for sorting. There will be more about what has been discovered and what it tells us about everyday life in Sandwich in a later blog.


What our patient Diggers’n’Scrapers seem to be discovering with great regularity is a preponderance of buried pipe work and drainage conduits.

Crossing Pipes HR

What was assumed to be a quiet undisturbed resting place for the good citizens of sandwich seems to have been unceremoniously dug up from time to time without much respect for the graves and bones for those who were resting, not so peacefully, there.

D&S 2 HR

The Diggers’n’Scrapers take a well deserved lunch break….


Then back to work with a great deal of measuring and mapping out of the site.

Measuring up HR

Drawing Plan HR

Sunday, February 5th More of the same careful digging and scraping went on all morning until this heavily stained waste chimney is discovered at the top of the large vault where it had been assumed the remains of Katherine Harvey were interred.

Stained flue HR

With closer inspection it was determined that the vault actually contained a now disused heating unit for the church……


Open Vault HR

….. and the plan is that next week a full excavation will take place.


Until then…..

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